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Are you having trouble while on WiFi?

Are you experiencing trouble reaching the puzzle site (or others) but only on WiFi?

Hablas espaol?

Necesitamos ayuda para traducir este sitio al español. Si hablas español con fluidez y te gustaría ayudar, por favor contáctanos.

Being asked to login????

Are you being asked to log in after you tell the site to remember you????

Adding puzzles broke for a bit. But it is working now.

We had an issue where new puzzles weren't saving properly. But it is fixed.

The site has been updated

I have gone through every page on the website by hand.

Barcode scanner has been updated

Some people have had issues scanning barcodes, so we updated the process.

Website keeps having problems today

All of our sites are experiencing issues today.

Fixed "new messages" email alerts

There was a glitch that had gone unnoticed for a while causing extra "new messages" emails to get sent out. Sorry!

New Feature!

When looking at someone's collection, your items may show up first in the list.

The website is at a new physical location

We have been planning a physical move of the equipment, but things got jammed up. Seems to be life these days. :(

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