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Messages get cleaned up when you save

When you save messages, we had some issues with some special characters and emoji symbols.

Sort profile puzzles by date modified!

You can now sort the puzzles to show the newest ones first.

Do you like to solve mazes?

Ok, not really related to this website, but if you like mazes, you could help support the site.

Open a shipping website

When you copy an address from the message page, you can open a website automatically.

Added support for Apple's HEIC image format

Some Apple devices are configured to send the raw HEIC image files and that can cause issues.

The home screen has changed

The site is getting more popular so we had to speed up the home screen.

Wind storm took out the power

The power was out from about 1pm to 4pm today due to a wind storm.

Pirate Ship now supports UPS in addition to USPS.

In addition to the USPS, Pirate Ship is now offering UPS as a shipper when you purchase labels. They search pricing based on the size and weight of your package and display the least expensive option as your first choice. You can of course manually switch the shipping method if you have a preference. 

Send a message when you complete a puzzle!

When you complete a puzzle, you will be prompted to send a message to the person you got it from.

Puzzles in pending transactions

Now you can see which puzzles a member has that are in play in an pending transaction.

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