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What is new on the site? Things that have changed or been updates. Interesting bits of information relating to the site itself.

Better support for multi-pack puzzles

Now you can list individual puzzles that are part of a multi-pack.

Some buttons haven't been working for some users

If you see problems on the website, please contact us so we can get them fixed right away.

Apple devices had search issues

While fixing one issue, we caused another with Apple devices, mostly mobile devices.

We are updating underlying security settings

We are in the process of updating some of our underlying security settings.

Does the site seem faster to you?

I have been hard at work trying to make the site faster. Do you see any difference?

Server issues through the night

Sadly, we have been experiencing some server issues through the night.

We have friends lists now!

You can add "friends" so you can easily get to their puzzle collections.

You can hide your bio on your profile page

Do you want more room on your profile page? This is how you get it...

Comcast internet outage

Sadly, Comcast had internet issues this morning.

You can swipe left and right

When in popup puzzle view, you can swipe left and right.

Manage your browser cookies

As we move to comply with governmental regulations, we have made it easy to manage your browser cookies.

You can sort your profile puzzle list.

Sorting on the your own profile page has been fully automated up until now. But if you want to see your puzzles in a different order, you can do that with a few clicks.

Ever want to ship a puzzle as a gift?

Have you ever wanted to buy or trade a puzzle but have the puzzle shipped to someone else as a gift instead of shipping to your address?

We are getting more mobile friendly

We are spending some time to make the website look better on smaller screens.

Settings are in the MENU bar now.

To save screen space and to make room for more configurations, we have moved the screen layout flag into the settings section of the menu icon.

Oops! The puzzle list wasn't sorting right.

The "offers" puzzle list was not sorting correctly. 

Who has puzzles near you?

For some time you could look at the statistics page to see who is near you. Now you can show only people offering puzzles if you like.

Whew! Lots of little tweaks this past week.

A few little tweaks have been put into play over the past week. Here are the highlights...

We added some charts relating to your puzzle collection.

You can now see who your favorite artists are, what your favorite brands are and how many puzzles you do in a month all on the charts page.

Some small but helpful updates.

We made a few changes over the past couple days in an attempt to improve the site experience.

Sell (or donate) your older iPhone or iPod to the website

We need an iOS device that is running iOS 12 or higher. Can you help us?

Sorry, I broke the site for a little bit today.

Oops! I broke the website for a little bit today.

We started linking puzzles of different sizes.

You may know that some puzzles come in different sizes or are from different companies. We are trying to link them together now.

We added Web App support

The site has gotten Web App support.

We created a new logo

The old logo was one we found on the Internet and we were asked to stop using it, so we created our own.

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