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Read about how things on this site work. Tips, tricks, general how-to advice and more.

Download your puzzle collection

Did you know that you can download your puzzle collection?

Finding images of your puzzles

We usually do the hard work of fining the images for the puzzles you add to your collections. But some times, we can't find them automatically.

Finding people near you to trade with in person.

It is nice to trade with people that are near you so there is no shipping charges involved.

Free Puzzle Exchange

How to trade puzzles for free.

Group your puzzles and share those groups.

You may want to group your puzzles into mini-collections, well now you can!

How can you cancel a trade or purchase request?

Some times you start a trade or purchase request and then for one reason or another, you need to cancel it. How can that be done?

How to report a problem with a transaction

Normally, people will do the right thing and when you ship a puzzle, they will ship promptly if there is a trade going on. But sometimes, things don't go right.

How to use the search page

Searching can be rather simple. But it can be fairly powerful too.

Make sure you don't miss any important emails

The site sends important emails about your puzzles and more.

Mystery Puzzles!

Do you have or want a mystery puzzle? This is one that you don't know what the image is until you put it together.

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