Finding people near you to trade with in person.

It is nice to trade with people that are near you so there is no shipping charges involved.

The website is still rather new and because we are running this off a shoe string budget and not making any money, advertising is quite limited and mainly word of mouth. For that reason, we wonly have a few pockets where people can trade locally so far. But membership is increasing almost every day.

As the site grows and people spread the word, we will get more pockets where you can do local in person trading with no shipping involved.

There are two basic ways to see who is close to you. 

  1. Use the map located on the statistics page. There is both a map and a list of people. People closest to the center of the map are shown first in the list. So find your location and the list will tell you who is close.
  2. You can also filter by distance at the top of the search screen. Depending on your choice, you can show only people within a set range, or what we think is better is to show people close to you first and others after that. This gets you the best search results.

You can help the site grow and get more local trading partners by spreading the word about this website.

Also, if you think of things that will improve the site be sure to contact us.

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