Ever want to ship a puzzle as a gift?

Have you ever wanted to buy or trade a puzzle but have the puzzle shipped to someone else as a gift instead of shipping to your address?

We just added the ability to use "one time addresses" in transactions. This came about when we realized that some people were having to change their address for one transaction then change it back to their normal shipping address. This seemed like a painful way to send someone a gift.

Now, when you enter your shipping address or change your existing address on a transaction, you can choose to use your normal address (the default), or switch to a one time address. When you click the button to enter or change your address, this window pops up. The dropdown at the top will default to using your normal address but you can switch it.

When using a one time address, the information is only saved to the current transaction. If you want to use this address again in the future, you will have to enter it again. But most browsers will remember the information for you.

When using your normal address, the address will be saved for future use so you won't have to keep tryping it in over and over. Also, you won't have to share it each time you trade with the same person. You can manage your normal shipping address on the friends page or on your account page.

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