You can sort your profile puzzle list.

Sorting on the your own profile page has been fully automated up until now. But if you want to see your puzzles in a different order, you can do that with a few clicks.

The first step is to go to your profile page and look for the "MORE" button. We moved several options into a hidden section to save screen space for things that aren't used very often.

Once there, click the "SORT" button to view your options.

Finally, you can select which fileds to sort by and what order to sort. In the left column is the field name, in the right column is the sort order. You can set any field sequence and order you like and for fields you don't care about, set the field column to blank or the order column to "ignore". And at the very bottom is a link to reset to the default settings. There is no way to hurt anything using the sorting so feel free to play around a bit. If you change the sort order, be sure to click the "SAVE" button.

What is shown above is the system default sort order.

  • donation - If you have put a puzzle up as a prize donation, it will display at the end of the list when in ascending order or at the top when in decending order.
  • rated - If you have not rated a puzzle, it will display at the top of the list when in ascending order and at the end when decending order.
  • status - When in ascending order, the list shows pussles you HAVE, WANT, HAD. That is reversed when in decending order.
  • title - This one depends partly on how you decided to display titles. But in any case your preferred title layout is shown in alphabetic order in ascending order or reversed in decending order.
  • pieces - Puzzles are listed based on the number of pieces in ascending or decending order.
  • brand - The puzzle brand name is used to sort alphabetically when in ascending order or reversed in decending order.

If you wanted your puzzle list to only be sorted by BRAND then TITLE, you would set the first two rows to those fields and then set the rest to blank or "inactive".

If you try to duplicate a field in the list, don't worry, it won't hurt anything. Only the first occurance will be remembered.

And remember, you can always switch back to the system default by clicking the link at the very bottom.

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