Server issues through the night

2020-12-06 04:03am

Sadly, we have been experiencing some server issues through the night.

One of the servers started experiencing issues last night. It was going offline then coming right back on. This off/on cycle causes the entire network to become unstable. We have turned this server off and will be investigating.

Please be patient as you may experience on going server access issues while we work through the problems today.

2020-12-06 07:09am

Even more sadness, it looks like this one server is experiencing serious hardware issues and must be replaced. We will be running without this server for the next few days until a replacement can be delivered and rebuilt.
2020-12-11 02:32pm
The new server is up and running. It is not online for general access yet. It is still restoring from the other servers. Each keeps a full copy of all data for quick access. Once the restore is finished it will go online and you should see the website speed up a little bit because of the extra horsepower. We got a few small donations to help with the upgrade. Thank you so much!
2020-12-13 04:00pm
Everything is in good shape. I am just watching the system to make sure things are ship shape. We should have the new server online some time tomorrow. I just want to be sure it is stable before hooking it into the loop.
2020-12-14 08:40am
The new server is in the pool and everything is running very well. Thanks for your patients and understanding.
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