All your puzzles at a glance

You can view the details of all your puzzles at a glance on one page or even download your puzzle data.

From your profile page, you can get to the puzzle grid where you can see all of your puzzle data on a single page or even download the data.

Look for the "MORE" button and click it. 


Next look for the "GRID/DOWNLOAD" button and click that.


Near the top of the screen you will see a download link if you wish to save your data to your own computer.

In the second column, you will notice that the puzzle titles are a different color. This means you can click on them to make changes or see details.


There are some important columns off to the right. Look for the SALE PRICE and SHIPPING columns. Look to see that these values are set correctly. To make it easy to change these,  you can click on these columns to quickly jump to the edit screen just like you can with the title. We have heard that a few people have marked these values incorrectly and didn't know until someone tried to buy their puzzles. Make sure the prices are set the way you want. Notice that these columns can be marked FREE, OFFER or INC (for included) or they can have a currency. They will be blank if you are not selling your puzzles.


You may want to check the grid every once in a while to make sure that none of your settings have been changed accidentally.

If you notice things changing when you don't think you made the change, please let us know. Normally our site won't change your values. But if your remove a puzzle from your collection then put it back things might change on you. This could happen by clicking the status by accident.

Hopefully, this report will help you quickly keep track of your puzzles.

PLEASE NOTE: If you click on a link in the grid and make changes to a puzzle, those changes won't show on the grid until you refresh the page.
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