Speeding the site up even more!

I have been trying to make the site as fast as I can.

You should notice the site speeding up in various places. I will continue to monitor for slow pages. Nothing is crazy slow but I found places where dynamic content (the loading bars) were being blocked by other pages. So now those should load much faster.

One place you may see the most improvement today is to look at the home screen or the search results screen and clicking on any puzzle to get the detail popup, then click the PREVIOUS / NEXT buttons at the top of the pop-up. Switching between pages got a lot faster today.

Searching can take a couple seconds but I will always try to speed that up when I can.

If you see pages that seem too slow (more than 2 seconds to load) please let me know and I will investigate. Most pages should fully load in under 1 second or near that time with the exception of the long lists of images which can take a couple seconds for the first image to load.

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