We lost some users!!!!

We had some older users that were in the system but were not active on the website.

Inactive users don't take up any serious resources so we do keep their data. But they cause problems for people that are trying to trade with them.

So today several emails went out warning people that have been inactive for a long time. One email was for people that have puzzles in their collection that they are offering for sale or trade. Those people got a warning email letting them know that we are about to remove their offers. The other users had no puzzles to offer so their email addresses simply got switched to "unverified" status.

In either case, the puzzle collections for these people have been saved for when (if) they come back to the website. 

All they have to do is return to the website and get logged in. Those that now have "unverified" email addresses need to verify before logging in.

What this means for you, the active users, is that you will see the number of members on the website drop. Before we were counting all members once they verified their email address once. Even if they never came back. This number really doesn't represent how well the website is actually doing. So now, we only count active members.

This purging of inactive members is now an automatic function that happens once each week. Hopefully, the reminder emails will get people more active on the site. Even if they just pop in once a month to see what has changed.

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