Some little tweaks

  • When you start a trade, if there are NOTES attached to a puzzle, they will be colored in the very first message of the conversation. They have always been in the first message but not with any highlighting until now.
  • You can use SOME very basic color in your messages now. If you want something in red, put the message inside brackets [ ] and if you want it to be green, put it inside curly braces { }. It isn't much, but it is something.
  • The login process has been improved. You may not even notice it, but it is more secure and more elegant now. 
  • The helpers and site admin are almost done replacing all the small puzzle images with larger quality images.
  • Fixed a little issue when you switch puzzles during a trade. The notice telling you the other party had to approve the switch was displaying your own name instead of the other party's name. Had reversed names at some point recently and didn't notice until yesterday. 
  • Now keeping a copy of the last image for a puzzle for a while even when a new image is uploaded and approved. This is a just-in-case precaution because by accident I had clicked the ACCEPT button on one puzzle when I meant to click REJECT. Now that mistake can be undone fairly easily by an admin or helper.
  • Some light code optimization.
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