You can click on the bars in your completed puzzle chart!

Ever look at the completed puzzle chart and wonder which puzzles you completed in a given month?

Now you can just click on the bars in the chart and the list of puzzles being counted will be displayed. This is very helpful if a month seems too low or too high. You can quickly see if some puzzles have been given the wrong completion date. Or you can just get a reminder of what you were working on that month.

To use this chart, go do your profile page and click the MORE button in the top/right corner.

Next, click on the CHARTS button.

There you will see several charts, but the one you can click on is the chart of completed puzzles. Each row in this chart can be clicked.

When you click a bar, a popup will display the puzzles that are being counted on that row.

If you want more details about any puzzle, just click the box and the normal puzzle detail page will be displayed.

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