Filtering has improved on your profile page!

We have just updated how filtering works on your profile page.

The filter has been stored under the "MORE" button in the top/right corner of the screen and you could also type in the search box.

We just change this because we are planning on adding more filtering options which would make the older process a bit clumsy. Besides, it was not all that intuitive to use being hidden away where it was. 

Now when you go to your profile page, you will see either one drop down and a search box, or two drop down boxes. These are your new filtering options.

The first drop down box determine what is displayed next to it. In this example, I am filtering by status, but there are many types of filters now. Each filter has a memory so how ever you leave the profile page is how it will look when you come back. The only exception is if you are showing the search box. In that case if you like the search box showing, when you come to the profile page the search box will be blank. It won't remember what you last typed into it.

Memory for filtering is stored in your web browser. So if you use multiple browsers, each will have its own preference.

Look for more filtering options to come soon.
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