Group your puzzles and share those groups.

You may want to group your puzzles into mini-collections, well now you can!

You may want to organize your puzzle collection into your own custom groups. This is totally optional of course, but if you have a large collection, this would let you find sets of puzzles easier. Perhaps you store different puzzles in different locations. Or you like to group by subject matter. Or maybe you want to share a list of puzzles with friends for easy viewing access. All these things are possible with the puzzle grouping feature.

First, click on one of the puzzles you currently have and you will see the new GROUPS line with an EDIT link on the far right.

Clicking that edit link will bring up a dialog where you can add new groups and put the current puzzle into existing groups just by checking or unchecking group boxes.

This is very handy when you go to look through your puzzles on your profile page. You can filter the collection based on the groups you have created. Only groups that have puzzles in them will show in the filter list so you don't have to worry about unused groups cluttering up your filter list. Each puzzle can be in as many groups as you like or not in any group at all.

You can decide if you want your group to be for puzzles you have now or for puzzles you have and had. If you set to the group for puzzles you have now, when you trade, sell, or give them away, they will automatically be removed from the group for you.

You can also choose to make some groups visible to other members by marking them public. This means when someone visits your profile page, they can see the puzzles in those groups. 

But even better, you may want to share a group with a select set of other users. In that case, you go to the group edit screen and select the people you want to share with. When sharing, those people can see your groups on your profile page and on their own profile page for easy access.

Just another helpful feature suggested by our members to help keep your collections organized.

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