Minor message formatting added to the puzzle conversations

I had been stripping off all extra white space and compressing it down to a single space. This was mainly to prevent people from being silly and putting in leading spaces or trailing spaces or a zillion blank lines in a message. But over time, it became clear that some times, we need blank lines between blocks of text to make things easier to read.

So now, when you write a message, leading and trailing spaces are still stripped. But if you press ENTER at the end of one line and start typing a new line, you will get a single blank line between your paragraphs to make things more readable. Those ENTERs were being stripped and turned into a space but no more.

It doesn't matter if you have one or ten thousand ENTERs in a row. The system will replace them with two ENTERS to give a single blank line between the text. This makes things easy to read, consistent and at the same time prevents someone from being annoying by adding lots of extra blank lines wasting screen space. 

The main purpose of the messages is to convey content and meaning about the trade. But a little style helps things be more readable.

OH... Did you know you can wrap some text in square or curly brackets to change their color? How about emoji text? Try it in your next message.

[some text here]   =  
{other text here}   =  
:-)   =   
:-(   =  

And so on...


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