Free Puzzle Exchange

This site is totally free to use in any way you wish.

In order to trade puzzles for free, you will need to locate people in your area. As the site grows, this will become easier. But if you can't find people close to you, you can trade puzzles for only the cost of shipping the puzzles.

Basically, all trades work the same way. You search for a puzzle you like, you scroll down to see who is offering that puzzle and you click on their name. Then you send them a short message. That person will look through the puzzles you are offering to trade and an exchange will start.

The cheapest way to trade puzzles is locally in person, but when you need to ship puzzles, we have some very helpful tips to reduce the cost of your puzzle exchange. See our entire section about shipping puzzles to learn more about that.

Once you have exchanged puzzles, ownership is automatically transferred. 
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