Make sure you don't miss any important emails

The site sends important emails about your puzzles and more.

When someone tries to trade with you or buy one of your puzzles, or when someone tries to chat with you but you are not online, the site will send you emails. We do this to keep you informed without giving out your email to others on this website. Your privacy is very important to us.

There may also be times that we need to alert you about some important news. Perhaps your account needs to be updated or you have forgotten your login and need a reminder sent. Or maybe you have been selected to receive a free puzzle.

Most of the time, our emails make it through without any problem. But some email programs have very tight settings or simply miss-categorize our emails and they end up in your SPAM or JUNK folder in error.

The following email addresses are the only ones the website would use to contact you.

To prevent emails from ending up in the SPAM or JUNK folder, you can add our outgoing addresses to your contact list.

Some emails may also contain links to images from the website. Often addresses in your contact list automatically display those images. Other times, you may need to allow the images to be shown manually or add the sender to the approved list once by hand.

Almost any email we send you includes a link that would let you UNSUBSCRIBE from that type of mailing. The main exception would be emails related to your user account which are only triggered if you need some sort of help from the website.

We don't like junk email any more than you do, so we try to only contact you when there is information that you really need to know or some news you have subscribed to. And we make it fairly easy to control what messages you get and what gets skipped.

If you have any issues with your email, feel free to contact us for help.
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