Improved process for accepting puzzle requests and trades

The process for starting a trade has changed. A little change for those using the website, a big change behind the screens.

In the past, when someone started a trade or purchase by making a requested for a puzzle, the transaction started with the request being automatically accepted. Some times, this caused confusion if multiple people requested the same puzzle.

Now, the transaction still starts normally, but the person that owns the puzzle now needs to accept the trade or sale request to get the ball rolling. This way, even if there are multiple requesting the same puzzle, only one will get accepted. This is because when you accept one request, anyone else with a pending request for that same puzzle will be notified that it is no longer available automatically. There is no longer any need to tell people by hand that someone else is getting the puzzle they requested.

As an added bonus, when you go to your own profile, you will be able to see all the puzzles that have been requested and accepted into active transactions. A new graphic will show on the puzzle image to let you know it is active in a puzzle transaction.

To make sure things move around in the system properly, this upgrade took a lot of thought and testing. I hope you like the new functionality. It should solve some problems that have come up in the past for those that do many trades at once. The level of confusion should be reduced a great deal.

As always, feedback on this or any other feature is greatly appreciated. Just use the contact form.

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