More secure emails

We have added email signing to our outgoing emails in most cases.

We already had various measures in place to keep our outgoing emails secure so you would know that they came from our server. But we added email signing so most emails that are sent out can be guaranteed to come from us. This means that right before sending, we use a secured certificate to sign the messages and when they get to your end, you can verify that we are the ones that sent the message because no one else could have our signing certificate.

If you see an email with a broken certificate, please let us know. It is possible that something went wrong during the signing process and we want to fix it as quickly as possible.

What this looks like on your end depends on your email client. Some clients don't do anything and are not aware of the signing process. But most are. You will usually see a green lock or a certificate seal or a check mark next to the email address that we sent from or possibly a green title bar. Here are some examples:

Aqua Mail (android)

Evolution Email (linux)

GMail (web) [no certificate support]

If you use a different email program and want to send us a screenshot to add to our sample list, that would be fantastic. Just contact us and we will help you get the screenshot to us.

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