Puzzles in pending transactions

Now you can see which puzzles a member has that are in play in an pending transaction.

For a while you have been able to see this stamp on puzzles in your own profile to let you know which puzzles you have in active transactions. But now, this stamp will show any time you look at any profile.

This makes it easier for you to decide if you want to even ask the other member to start a trade or sale. Some times, it might be worth asking anyway if you have some cool puzzle you are sure the other member would like or you want to buy the puzzle enough to make a really good offer. They might decide to deal with you over any other person interested in the same puzzle. But most of the time you can see that the puzzle is in play in an active transaction and just skip it.

This is kind of like a "Sale Pending" sign on a house. You can decide to skip it or make a better offer.

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