Do you like to track puzzles?

Puzzle tracking has been a part of the system for a while, but now you can get notified.

By default, when you create a puzzle tracker, you don't get notified of updates automatically. Instead you need to return to that puzzle's tracking page to see where it has been. 

This new feature allows you to get updates on a regular basis. At this time, we will only send out updates once per month but we could change that to weekly in the future. Puzzle tracking doesn't seem like a high priority to us and we don't want to overload your in-box. Even if you are signed up for notifications, you can still check the current tracking status at any time.

The easiest way to see what you are tracking and what you get notified about, you can just go to your Profile Grid page and look for the tracking column. Click on the text in that column to make changes. To get to the grid manually, just go to your profile and click on the MORE button near the top of the page.

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