Weird bug fixed - Thanks to a user just like you!

This site is pretty stable but some times little bugs may pop up. And you can help fix them!

A few days ago, a user reported having an issue saving messages. They put in text and the email that goes out looked correct but on the message page something was missing. We worked together to figure out what was going on. Then today, a different user reported that the fix put in place to prevent some special characters was tripping up on some punctuation produced by the iPhone she was using.

These were very odd issues impacting a small number of people. But they needed to be fixed no matter what. I got the bugs fixed, but without help from users like you, there would be no chance to solve some issues. Especially the ones that don't happen to everyone. 

So if you see issues please let me know using the contact button on the menu. And with your help the site can keep improving.

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