We had some site maintenance today 5/13/22

Sorry, the site was acting weird during some maintenance. 

I had started a backup in the very early hours against the main database because the backup database had gotten out of sync. During that time, the backup database was online and the system did not go into maintenance mode like it should have. Some messages looked like they were missing and possible chat history too.

Nothing was lost, it should all be there now with the exception of one puzzle that got added during the backup. This needs to be added again but I will reach out to that person shortly.

In the future, there will be a maintenance image that displays because I am setting up a manual process to switch it on instead of relying on the automated process.

Thanks for your understanding. Please check your puzzle collection, messages and chats and if you see anything odd let me know.

<< Site maintenance continued through the weekend    |    Weird bug fixed - Thanks to a user just like you! >>
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