The website is at a new physical location

We have been planning a physical move of the equipment, but things got jammed up. Seems to be life these days. :(

Thanks to Comcast Internet, we were forced into moving all of our equipment ahead of schedule. The original plan was to move a couple servers, wait for things to settle down and then switch over. You would have never known that things changed because the servers have failover and they would have switched seamlessly from one location to the other.

BUT... As with all things Comcast, they caused us a lot of pain. We started the switch and both locations went off-line. So with everything being jammed up, we just moved all the equipment at one time. My son and I spent the weekend getting everything back up and running. It just came back on-line in a stable form around 1pm this afternoon.

This on top of the big server upgrade we just completed. This has been an emotionally draining weekend.

As usual, please keep an eye out and let us know if you see anything odd.

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