Use the free USPS Informed Deliver service

If you are in the USA, we highly recommend using the free delivery notification service from the US Postal Service.

This is totally free. You just set-up an account with the post office online to your verified address. Once they are sure you are who you say you are, you can see any packages or letters being delivered to your address each day. 

The service keeps a 7 day history for you so you don't have to check it every day. In most cases, you probably don't care what is being delivered. But if you are expecting something in themail, this is a wonderful service. 

And you can also see if something was delivered but never actually made it to you. Hopefully no one is taking things out of your mail box, but this service makes it clear when that sort of thing happens.

Again, this is TOTALLY FREE and provided by the US Postal Service.

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