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Subject - Santa's Unexpected Delivery - Christmas 15: 1,000 pieces from Jumbo

barcode: 8710126191729
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11/30/2020 05:41am   by   Sanddanz  
Not sure if all Wasgij are like these, but likely so... pieces are pretty good quality and entire puzzle could be picked up after the fact so connects well. However, while working a lot of pieces seem like they can fit well in spots where they cannot. Obviously eventually they don't work out where they were wrongly put because of something else along the way not fitting, but sometimes takes a bit to realize the error.
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11/30/2020 05:46am   by   Glenn & Tina S.  
Yuck... We have not done a Wasgij yet, but we have seen that in several other puzzles where pieces clip in and look right where they ultimately don't belong. That really makes things hard.
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