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Subject - Requested features to add to the website

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05/08/2019 10:25am   by   Glenn & Tina S.  
In this area, please let us know of any new features that you think we should add. You can give a basic overview that describes what you are wanting. If we need more information, we will contact you to get the needed details.
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06/04/2019 04:04pm   by   Michelle  
Search by 1) number of pieces, 2) theme/category and 3) tags. This will be especially helpful as the site grows. By theme, I don't mean very narrow like cats, but rather an overall animals theme. Other example themes would be americana, sports, travel, flowers, science, etc. Or perhaps use tags instead where someone can choose up to 5 to 10 pre-defined tags when adding their puzzle which would then be searchable.
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06/04/2019 04:15pm   by   Michelle  
Rating a member, preferably in multiple categories. Nothing elaborate or even more than a star rating (meaning no need for text reviews - stars only). It's better to have multiple ratings like "Item as described" and "Shipping Time." This is helpful if a member doesn't fulfill a shipping commitment, doesn't accurately describe the puzzle (say new but it's used), etc. As a potential trader or buyer, I would certainly appreciate feedback from others before I sent either a puzzle or money to another member.
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06/04/2019 04:18pm   by   Michelle  
Oops! Just clicked my name/profile and see there IS a sender/receiver rating, so at least a rating system is already in place. Fabulous! :)
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06/04/2019 04:36pm   by   Michelle  
Update... While viewing some puzzles, noticed IS a keyword search already. (Sorry my eyes skipped over that word when I read the options "Search by name, keyword, brand or barcode" on the main page. Would still like to be able to sort by number of pieces though.
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06/04/2019 07:00pm   by   Glenn & Tina S.  
I think all the features you have mentioned exist in some form already. The tag "animal" can be added to any puzzle that has animals in it, but seems pretty broad. I would bet a huge portion of the puzzles include animals of some sort. So we will probably keep it as tags for now. We have the ability to auto-add tags or switch tags. I haven't filled in many of those switch out values so far. You can search by number of pieces. Look at the top of the search page. It defaults to ANY but you can pick a range of pieces. You can also filter by distance and other things at the top. You can also see if a puzzle has missing pieces. Take a look at this page for details on the missing pieces.
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07/03/2020 06:25am   by   Glenn & Tina S.  
Many new features have been added. You can check out the entire history of upgrades and other news in the blog by going here:
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