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Subject - Requested features to add to the website

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05/08/2019 10:25am   by   Glenn & Tina S. (site owners)  
In this area, please let us know of any new features that you think we should add. You can give a basic overview that describes what you are wanting. If we need more information, we will contact you to get the needed details.
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06/04/2019 07:00pm   by   Glenn & Tina S. (site owners)  
I think all the features you have mentioned exist in some form already. The tag "animal" can be added to any puzzle that has animals in it, but seems pretty broad. I would bet a huge portion of the puzzles include animals of some sort. So we will probably keep it as tags for now. We have the ability to auto-add tags or switch tags. I haven't filled in many of those switch out values so far. You can search by number of pieces. Look at the top of the search page. It defaults to ANY but you can pick a range of pieces. You can also filter by distance and other things at the top. You can also see if a puzzle has missing pieces. Take a look at this page for details on the missing pieces.
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07/03/2020 06:25am   by   Glenn & Tina S. (site owners)  
Many new features have been added. You can check out the entire history of upgrades and other news in the blog by going here:
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05/11/2023 01:05am   by   Sty  
Here's a thought, within a puzzle description. The date that a puzzle was added by the owner.
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05/11/2023 04:53am   by   Glenn & Tina S. (site owners)  
Do you mean when the owner added the puzzle to their collection?
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05/13/2023 01:35am   by   Sty  
Yes, exactly. Other members can then see how long someone has had that particular puzzle.
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06/13/2023 08:23am   by   Chainsawsr  
Might all ready be possible but it would be nice if when you click on a puzzle for trade it would list the puzzles the offerer has available
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06/13/2023 12:36pm   by   Glenn & Tina S. (site owners)  
When you click on a puzzle trade, you get a popup. At the top there are several links. One is to see the details of the puzzle but another is one that says you can contact the person. If you click that link it takes you to their page where you can see all the puzzles they are offering.
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06/14/2023 09:59pm   by   Barbiezblest  
Hi there! I was wondering if you could add the option to see all the puzzles I have completed regardless of whether I currently have it or not? There's a "Completed & I Have" but not a "Completed" including any we "had". Or is this feature already there, but I am somehow missing it?
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06/15/2023 05:10am   by   Glenn & Tina S. (site owners)  
Feature has been added on the profile page to see "All Completed" puzzles.
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06/15/2023 08:26am   by   Barbiezblest  
Awesome! Thank you so much!!
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08/07/2023 02:30am   by   Sty  
This may be addressed already, but I haven't found it. Is there a way to have a "favorite members" link? Such as, I find a particular (1st) puzzle that someone has and want to contact them later. They may have a (2nd) puzzle that I would prefer, and I may not remember the person later when I want the 2nd puzzle.
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08/07/2023 05:13am   by   Glenn & Tina S. (site owners)  
For the "favorite members" we have a place to put your friends. Go to your profile and click on the "Friends and Groups" button. It doesn't let you keep notes about each person though. Another idea for puzzles is to put them in your "Wanted" list. Just like when you put puzzles in your list for ones you have or had, you can mark them as wanted and find them easily later.
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09/17/2023 09:21pm   by   Barbiezblest  
Hi! I was just wondering if you'd ever thought of adding a field for copyright date?
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09/20/2023 04:18pm   by   Glenn & Tina S. (site owners)  
I hadn't really thought about adding that. Do you think people would use that information? What value does that add? It is pretty easy to add but I am wondering if it would be a field that just got in the way. Please, tell me more about your thought here. Thanks!
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09/20/2023 08:10pm   by   EverydayImPuzzlin  
I like the idea! The production year can give some insight for things that manufacturers tend to change overtimefrom piece cut, puzzle quality, where the puzzle was made etc. Also, just knowing if its a vintage puzzle is always fun. One brand where I know they make slight changes to certain collage images over the years is White Mountain.
Those are just some of my thoughts as I like the small details (like date) when I catalog my families puzzles. Id love to hear the thoughts from the original inquirer. :)
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09/20/2023 09:05pm   by   Barbiezblest  
I was entering a new puzzle the other day and just happened to notice it had a copyright date on it, but there was nowhere to enter that into the Puzzle Swaps system. I'm a detail-oriented person, so to me the more data the better, as it gives a fuller picture of the item. I think that having the copyright date might help not only in the cases that EverydayImPuzzlin mentioned (great insight, by the way!), but also when trying to find a specific version of a puzzle. I've noticed that there are multiple cases of the same puzzle being posted twice with the same manufacturer and # of pieces, which means they have 2 different UPC codes and it just might be nice to know whether they have different copyright dates when choosing or looking at a puzzle. It would also be nice to know which version of a puzzle is newer even when the same picture & # of pieces is provided by different manufacturers. So, that is my thought process for what it's worth, lol. Thank you for asking! And thank you for creating this platform for our use. I have nothing but positive things to say about it!
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09/21/2023 08:50am   by   Glenn & Tina S. (site owners)  
If you see two puzzles that are the same except for the UPC code, please let us know. I plan on adding a "please merge" button so the public can submit merge requests. I don't mind capturing the copyright or production date, but I don't want to start fragmenting the same image/size/company puzzle into multiple entries. I have been trying to merge duplicates as much as possible. In the short term, if you want to attach extra data to any specific copy of a puzzle, you can add it to the public notes in your puzzle area. Perhaps that is the best place to capture that specific info is on the copy of the puzzle rather than the overall puzzle info group. Then when you trade/sell the puzzle, that info would follow that specific copy of the puzzle. Thoughts? This could work for the copyright and publication year. Perhaps I can make it possible to add many tags to a copy of a puzzle and you can fill in or skip any you like. Then those copy specific attributes would follow the puzzle as it moves from person to person. Thoughts?
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09/25/2023 07:58am   by   Barbiezblest  
Ohhh, totally understand your reluctance to fragment puzzles based on copyright date. Not worth it because of that. Thank you for the tips on entering info I to the public notes area. Or the tags, too. I like that they would follow the puzzle as it moves.

I would love the "merge" request idea! That would totally help to clean up the duplicates. In the meantime, I will submit duplicates that I see to you.

Here is one set that I think can be merged ... is this the format you would like them in?:

Thank you for your responses! Appreciate you guys!
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09/26/2023 05:27am   by   Glenn & Tina S. (site owners)  
The two have been merged. You can use the "Contact Us" button in the main menu to send us these any time you like until I get a merge function going for end users.
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