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Subject - Piece damage vs missing

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08/11/2021 08:30am   by   Butterflybear  
Most of my puzzles come from here. As long as I am aware in advance I don’t really mind missing pieces. I have several times had puzzles with mangled pieces (presumably cat, dog, baby…). I’m not sure that I wouldn’t prefer the piece missing than mangled since it really doesn’t contribute to the puzzle. If people ever actually frequent here, do others have an opinion on this?
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08/11/2021 08:42am   by   Glenn & Tina S.  
I agree, a missing piece isn't too bad as long as we know in advance. For mangled pieces, to me they are the same as missing. But if someone wanted to list NO MISSING they could still put a note on their puzzle that says that some are mangled. Again, so you know in advance what you are getting. To me, it isn't a huge deal if pieces have a FEW pieces with lifting edges and they are only lightly lifting. It is when they are really badly dinged that I want to know in advance. Aka: dog/cat ate it, etc.
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