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Subject - Options for the 'Received From' field?

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12/13/2022 10:22am   by   J Nev  
Hi I'm still kind of new here, working on entering all of my puzzling collection. Having fun organizing and sorting, and hope to soon do some swaps!
Question: is there a way to custom add more options for 'Received From'? For example, I would mark separately my puzzles received from 'Library Swap' and 'Craigslist'
Also, is there a way to search the conversations here. I don't know if my question has already been addressed.
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12/13/2022 10:30am   by   J Nev  
Would be nice to mark those received as 'Gift' also
And, I just realized I should have written this as reply to the thread about adding features. Sorry!
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12/13/2022 11:36am   by   Glenn & Tina S. (site owners)  
That is ok. I'll get that added to the list shortly.
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12/13/2022 11:37am   by   Glenn & Tina S. (site owners)  
Oh, by the way, no there is no way to add custom entries. But you can put that extra information in the note section. The entries in the "received from" area are only users. The special entries are still users, just special internal-only users. So creating custom ones would be a problem.
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12/13/2022 01:41pm   by   J Nev  
Ok. Yes, I have put that info in the private notes. Just can't sort by that data- or does it pick up in a search? Not crucial I know, just would be nice. I suppose I could also make a group to put all the Gift ones in or something.
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