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Subject - Charles Wysocki puzzles

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02/11/2023 11:16am   by   Creampop  
Does anyone have any idea how many there are? I have tried googling it but all I get is advertisement. I have done my fair share and have noticed how his puzzles have become darker the color palette he uses is more dramatic now, maybe someone else is doing his puzzles now, anyway thanks for responding, m
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02/11/2023 11:30am   by   Glenn & Tina S. (site owners)  
Sorry, I have no idea. I have tried to find out as well hoping to import them into the website. But no luck so far. Maybe someone else knows.
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02/11/2023 12:32pm   by   EverydayImPuzzlin  
Youve probably come across the website, but if you havent, check it out, it has a LARGE catalog of his puzzles. Hopefully this site helps with any info youre looking for.
Feel free to reach out to me directly if I can possibly help answer any other questions as Im happy to be a puzzle nerd. :)
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02/12/2023 04:39am   by   Glenn & Tina S. (site owners)  
Thanks! I hadn't seen that page. It doesn't list all his puzzles but it does list a lot of them. The ones they have in stock. I added the link to his bio. If you know any other artists with websites, we can make bio pages for them too. The bio block is at the top of the puzzle list if you search by artist. Here is an example:
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