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Subject - Moonlight Lodge: 1,000 pieces from Buffalo Games

barcode: 0079346112463
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08/09/2023 09:56am   by   Puzzler@heart  
Never completed. Received from a trade. Puzzle was trashed.
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08/09/2023 03:32pm   by   Glenn & Tina S. (site owners)  
Sorry you got a bad trade. These conversations are less intended for your trade experiences and more for how you liked doing the puzzle. This assumes that the puzzle wasn't damaged of course. For exampel, was it easy or difficult. Were the pieces easy to work with or were there quality issues with it that appear to be from the manufacturer. Hope that clears up things a little.

The image on that puzzle looks nice. It probably would have been a fun one if it weren't damaged when you received it.
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