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Subject - Street Muscle: 1,000 pieces from Sure-Lox

barcode: 0686141601803
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08/17/2023 10:09am   by   Barbiezblest  
This is an interesting puzzle. The hardest part was getting the outer pieces put together -- the shape of the puzzle makes it difficult and there are a lot of edge pieces that just sit next to each other without locking in until you get the inner pieces done. It is a good quality puzzle, and it was easy to know whether a piece was placed correctly or not, with little problems separating if you tried a piece in the wrong spot. The entire puzzle, when completed, can be lifted up without the pieces falling apart. Pleasantly surprised with this one!
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08/17/2023 10:17am   by   Barbiezblest  
Oh, and absolutely NO dust! This was brand new when I opened it.
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