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Subject - Challenge: Mix 2 similar puzzles' pieces as a Challenge

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10/16/2023 03:04pm   by   Sty  
After I finish My current "to do", I am going to really challenge myself. I am going to mix the pieces for " Black Rose" and "The Name of the Rose", then put them both together. Has anyone else done something like this?
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10/17/2023 04:58am   by   Glenn & Tina S. (site owners)  
That sounds super hard. Are the two puzzles the same brand? If so, the pieces could end up with many of the same shapes. I've seen an artist that mixes two puzzles of the same brand into a single image. So good luck! Let us know how it turns out. And what happens if it is too hard? How will you sort them back?
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10/17/2023 11:16am   by   Sty  
Not only the same brand, they are the same theme. And, no such thing as too hard. "If your walking through Hell, keep walking". But, I WILL time it. It usually takes me one day for a normal 1,000 piece puzzle, one week for my 1,000 piece gothic puzzles. The 6,000 piece is off and on since June because of the ocean. This project will be a challenge, though.
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