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Subject - Spongebob Squarepants: 3,000 pieces from Aquarius

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03/11/2024 07:15am   by   PuzzleChamp  
This was my first time doing a 3000 piece puzzle. It was a Christmas gift, and part of that gift was getting to spend time with family members working on the puzzle. Six of us worked on it over 3(?) days. It is always interesting to see how other people approach a puzzle! My usual method, and the one I used here, was to build "islands" of pieces that went together until I could connect them to form bigger islands. After finishing most of the very center with the main characters, that method stalled out for me. One of the puzzlers worked on it by picking up a piece, searching the image for where it should go, then would place it roughly where it belonged relative to the edge. This worked okay if there were a lot of pieces already in, but if he put a piece in a big blank spot, it often would get accidentally moved by someone else. Sorting by color helped too. Lots of green characters are clumped together, as are lots of crabs (red) and squids (blue). There is also some gradual change in the ground the characters are standing on that can help to identify where in the puzzle the piece goes.
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