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Next drawing is on July 1st 2023. Win a puzzle just by being a member and listing your puzzles for trade or sale. Nothing to buy.

The rules are simple...

 You must have an active member account.
 You must reside in the United States (due to shipping costs).
 You must have puzzles listed for trade or sale on the date of the drawing or have made a trade/sale within the last 6 weeks.
 You have not collected a prize in the past 18 months.
 You cannot be an operator or admin of this website.

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Last Drawing:June 1st 2023
Next Drawing:July 1st 2023

These are the puzzles currently in the prize list. (may change without notice) Donate a prize

Who has won puzzles? (click the date to see your rank)

06/01/2023AHpuzzlesSeamstress Shop
05/01/2023cncooper85Welcome To Texas
04/01/2023Northwoods PuzzlersCuriosity Cabinet
03/01/2023dcbeasleyunclaimed and expired
02/01/2023ButterflybearSnowy Owl Gathering
12/01/ and expired
11/01/2022PamsteinbergPlaces You Will Go
10/01/2022TomThe Challenge
09/01/2022MaCooHolidays Calender
08/01/2022No Drawingunclaimed and expired
07/01/2022No Drawingunclaimed and expired
06/01/2022XephanyReaders Paradise
05/01/2022mamacat02unclaimed and expired
04/01/2022queenofheartsUnderwater World
03/01/2022SeechNyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark
02/01/2022GaylinThe Colors Of Spring
01/01/2022alymopCra - Z - Colorful Crayons
12/01/2021baysidebehaviorState Plates
11/01/2021amyrolandmccombsunclaimed and expired
10/01/2021Maple123Lantermans Mill
09/01/2021Erica Jacksonunclaimed and expired
08/01/2021n2deep99 Funny Animals
07/01/2021Rick Hunclaimed and expired
06/01/2021RebsueCoastal Living
05/01/2021SaraChimeraYard Sale
04/01/2021kimmonroeA Picture Perfect Day
03/01/2021AngbirdLost Melody
02/01/2021Jessica KGPuppy Dreams
01/01/2021mming2Fantastic Voyage
11/01/2020White mountain onlyGeneral Mills Cereal Boxes
10/01/2020Kim PontesPencil Pushers
09/01/2020TinaSpace Traveler
08/01/2020bonniwell86Wise Woodland Dwellers
07/01/2020Annunclaimed and expired
06/01/2020xvi16Puppies, Kittens And Flowers
05/01/2020Annetteunclaimed and expired
04/01/2020Glenda BryantKitten
03/01/2020Kim PontesCandylicious
02/01/2020Johnunclaimed and expired
01/01/2020Chanaunclaimed and expired
12/01/2019LindeePepsi Harbor
10/01/2019chazamonkeyTomax Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
09/01/2019TLRTropical Birds
08/01/2019mming2West Virginia Grist Mill
07/01/2019Kayolsen21Candy Shop
06/01/2019White mountain onlyOcean View

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