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St Maries, ID | >100m

Joined: 07/31/2020     Last Visit: 03/26/2023
Im willing to negotiate on all trades and purchases and, within reason, will accept puzzles with a missing piece or two, provided I know about it in advance.

I rarely do a full sort, but I use my search for edge pieces to help me learn the puzzle. Therefore I prefer that the edges pieces not be separated. You are invited to throw them in with the rest if you separate them when you disassemble.

As a postal employee, I know that puzzles do not qualify for media mail. The post office loses money on media mail and I would rather not pay more for other services to account for unqualified media mail shipments. In addition, they can legally open and inspect media mail (and often do), they can then charge postage due to the recipient. Please do not send my puzzles using media mail.

May you all have happy puzzling.

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