Our Mission

There is no cost to become a member or use this website..

This site is intended to help you easily organize your puzzles and if you like buy, sell and trade them too.

You are not required to list your puzzles for sale or trade with the public. If you like, you can use this site just to track the puzzles you own or have owned in the past. Or use it simply to buy new puzzles. Really, how you use the site is up to you. You don't even need to become a member until you decide to buy, trade or track puzzles. Browsing can be anonymous.

This site first came on-line on April 5, 2019. We only make money if someone chooses to make a donation, otherwise it is funded by our other projects. The site does not charge anything for you to be a member or when you sell or trade puzzles. This site is for the joy of sharing puzzles and helping the puzzling community.

This is an effort of love as a programmer and a die hard puzzler. We will make tweaks when needed and as we have time. You can help us by making suggestions, trading or selling puzzles, and telling others about the site.

DISCLAIMER: PuzzleSwaps.com is not responsible for transactions between private parties. We do not perform the shipping or processing of puzzles. We do not handle any money or puzzles during the transactions. We only help facilitate the process and communication.

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