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What is new on the site? Things that have changed or been updates. Interesting bits of information relating to the site itself.

A big change in the message area

While adding features, the message area started to get a bit cluttered with buttons and links. To make the user experience better and to make room for more features, the message are has been cleaned up.

Several small improvements

Over the past week or so, several small improvements have been made to the website.

Create a custom link to your profile page

You can now use custom text in the web link that gets people to your profile page.

Improved puzzle contact popup

When you are on a user's puzzle list page, clicking on a puzzle will start a conversation. We made that process easier.

We have been mentioned in a news article

The Puzzle Swaps website along with others have been referenced in this interesting puzzle article.

Improved Puzzle Grid

We improved the way the puzzle grid works to make your experience more user friendly.

On a user's profile page, filter by pieces or brand

Now when you are looking at a puzzle collection on a user's profile page, you can filter by pieces or brand.

One Year Anniversary

It has been a busy year for making adjustments and improvements.

You can send quick messages to users!

If you need to contact a user but you are not in the middle of a trade with them, you can send a regular message through the private chat or you can use the new Quick Message system.

Search through your messages

You can  now search through messages if you need to find something.

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