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Duplicate email alerts

Did you receive duplicate email alerts?

Improved puzzle switching during a trade

For a while you have been able to switch puzzles in the middle of a trade, now it is a bit better.

Bulk Transfers & Bulk Shipping

As most people are transferring multiple puzzles at a time, it became important to make the process easier.

1,000 puzzles exchanged!

We just reached 1,000 puzzles exchanged.

Minor message formatting added to the puzzle conversations

I had been stripping off all extra white space and compressing it down to a single space. Now there is some minor formatting.

Did you almost win a prize?

Ever wonder how close you came to winning the monthly prize?

There are new controls on the message screen.

Be sure to explore the ACTIONS buttons on the message screen.

Let us help you pick your next puzzle.

Ever have trouble deciding which of your puzzles to work on next?

Keep track of where you get your puzzles from

There is a new row on the puzzle detail page to help track where your puzzles come from.

Filtering has improved on your profile page!

We have just updated how filtering works on your profile page.

You can click on the bars in your completed puzzle chart!

Ever look at the completed puzzle chart and wonder which puzzles you completed in a given month?

How can we get more people using the website?

Without spending a ton of money on advertising, any thoughts on how to get more people using the website?

Skipping puzzles...

Ever get a puzzle you don't want to do? Or start and never finish? Just mark it SKIPPED now...

Removed swiping on puzzle detail popup screen

The swipe feature was ok, but it caused other issues like making it impossible to copy/paste information.

Fix a bug in the first message of any trade/sale thread

The first message in a trade had to be fixed because it wasn't showing the correct price for puzzles being sold.

Looking for better images

We are always looking for better puzzle images.

Some little tweaks

Some little tweaks were done to make things better.

Fixed a little glitch on user profile pages

When looking at someone else's profile page, you may have noticed that every single puzzle had a green check mark by it.

We were down because of the winter storm

Sorry, we went down because of the winter storm

We lost some users!!!!

We had some older users that were in the system but were not active on the website.

Artist Bio Blocks

Any time you search for puzzles by artist name, you may see a bio block above their puzzles.

Free puzzles!

Some people are giving away free puzzles. You just pay for shipping, or you pick them up in person.

Speeding the site up even more!

I have been trying to make the site as fast as I can.

All your puzzles at a glance

See all your puzzles on one page and even download the data if you like.

Selling puzzles got a little tweak

A couple people have marked puzzles FOR FREE without meaning to. We just cleared that up.

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