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What is new on the site? Things that have changed or been updates. Interesting bits of information relating to the site itself.

Do you want to trade/sell in foreign countries?

To prevent accidental puzzle requests, we block transactions between users in different countries, but you can choose to allow these transactions.

UPS Tracking Updated

UPS has changed the way they give out tracking information.

We did a major backup and restore

We had to bring the site off-line for the day.

Server issues today

We have been experiencing some general server issues today.

Internet Outage

Comcast had an internet outage from about 1am to about 3:30am today Pacific time.

We are moving to Panama

In January, we are retiring and moving to Panama. But the website will keep running as usual.

The recent upgrade is here!

A couple weeks ago I started what was going to be a "cosmetic" update. But in the process, many code changes happened and hopefully things are easier to use now.

You can create predefined text messages

When you are sending messages to people during a puzzle sale or trade, do you need the same text over and over?

What will happen to the website when we move?

A few people have been concerned about what is to happen when we move.

We are giving away all our puzzles

We are relocating and must give away all of our puzzles.

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