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You can send quick messages to users!

If you need to contact a user but you are not in the middle of a trade with them, you can send a regular message through the private chat or you can use the new Quick Message system.

Search through your messages

You can  now search through messages if you need to find something.

We are trying email replies to online messages.

Up until now, the only way to reply to an online message was to return to the website and filling out the reply form. Now you can get email notices and reply directly to the email.

We lost some images!

Sorry folks, but due to a strange hard drive failure in the middle of a backup, we lost some images.

Fixed barcode scanning and puzzle transfers

A few people had issues where scanning barcodes wasn't working or trades didn't auto-transfer the puzzles. These are fixed now.

Added the ability to get emails faster

A couple people requested this feature so I have finally had a chance to add nearly instant email notification.

Fixed a glitch on the search screen's puzzle pieces filter

The filter was breaking if a specific selection was picked out of the options list. The searching still worked but the screen displayed a cloud with a loading image where the filter should have been.

You can now filter by country!

The site has always displayed puzzles in your home country at the top of the list, but now you can filter by any country.

Improved package tracking to include UPS

UPS packages can now be tracked direcly on the website.

You can crop images!

After you upload an image, you can go back in to edit and crop it if needed. You have been able to rotate for a while now.

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