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Growing pains continue...

Because of some changes in our base programming language, we are still having some issues.

I am pretty sure we are done upgrading.

The upgrade appears to be complete. 

Going off-line one more time

To finish the upgrade, all servers need to go off-line one more time.

The upgrade is still going on

Sorry, this is a lot harder than expected

Site maintenance continued through the weekend

Sorry but maintenance continued through the weekend.

We had some site maintenance today 5/13/22

Sorry, the site was acting weird during some maintenance.

Weird bug fixed - Thanks to a user just like you!

This site is pretty stable but some times little bugs may pop up. And you can help fix them!

Do you like to track puzzles?

Puzzle tracking has been a part of the system for a while, but now you can get notified.

Messages get cleaned up when you save

When you save messages, we had some issues with some special characters and emoji symbols.

Sort profile puzzles by date modified!

You can now sort the puzzles to show the newest ones first.

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