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We are moving to Panama

In January, we are retiring and moving to Panama. But the website will keep running as usual.

The system seems to have time traveled

Some of you may have seen some old messages come back to life the other day.

We are still having issues with auto-login

Some users are still reporting issues with the auto-login process. We are working hard to isolate the issue.

Fixed a glitch with puzzle tracking

The puzzles were tracking properly, but you couldn't see the history.

Problems authenticating? (password or 2FA)

Are you having problems authenticating? There is a solution.

If you have been getting logged out randomly, this is why...

There was a problem with the session cookies that had caused some users to get randomly logged out.

Thinking of adding "progress" image support to the website.

This could show the other users what you are working on. What do you think?

We now have 2FA

We just added two factor authentication to the site.

Shipping glitch fixed
There was a glitch when shipping "By Hand" and transferring multiple puzzles at once.
How has the website been treating you?

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