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What is new on the site? Things that have changed or been updates. Interesting bits of information relating to the site itself.

We have improved puzzle searching

The search screen has gotten a few tweaks in an attempt to give you more meaningful results.

We added an icon in the message list area

To help you know at a glance if you are the sender or receiver of the top puzzle in a message block, we added a new icon.

We are considering adding multi-language support.

We need your input to help us decide how much effort to put into multi-language support for the website and how quickly to start working on it.

We added filtering to the home page

You can now get a filtered view on the home page if you like.

Sorry, the site had issues on Sunday Sept 6th

There was some new scripting code that was added to the site to improve performance. Sadly, it caused issues with some browsers.

Searching has been improved and collections have been added

To help people find sets of puzzles that are listed as part of a collection, we added a new field to the puzzle edit screen and improved the way searching works.

Do you want to see when other users want puzzles you have?

We have updated the way that the WANTED tag displays on puzzles. It was a little confusing before. People saw it and wouldn't ask for the puzzle.

Improved puzzle editing.

We have spent the last couple days improving the puzzle edit process.

Flip through puzzles directly from the detail screen.

Now you can move to the previous or next puzzle without closing the puzzle detail popup window.

You can now track puzzles

Have you ever wondered where a puzzle has been or where it goes after you send it on to someone else?

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