How It All Works

A quick overview

This site is an attempt at making trading, selling, buying and cataloging puzzles simple. There are some powerful features build into the site. Sadly, trying to make these features simple isn't always easy and often isn't intuitive at first glance. We will continue to improve the process where possible and add helpful text where needed. Reading through this page will often help you get started. Once you have used the site a little things should become fairly easy. You can always contact us if you have questions or run into problems. This is a free service for the puzzling community so if you see places we can improve it is good to let us know your thoughts.

What is the site for?

  • Cataloging your current puzzle collection.
  • Tracking puzzels you had in the past.
  • Tracking puzzles you want in the future.
  • Trading puzzles through the mail or in person.
  • Selling and buying puzzles.
  • Any other use you can come up with.

Is it worth it?

  • In the USA, puzzles on Amazon range from $10 to $25 (some are even more) and once in a while there are awesome deals all the way down to $4.
  • Shipping in the USA normally ranges from $7.50 to $10.50 depending on the size of the box and the weight of the puzzle if you use a discount shipping label comapny like It is never a good idea to pay full price. If you ship many puzzles at once the per-puzzle price is usually lower. FedEx and UPS don't offer the best rates unless you are shipping a bunch of puzzles in one larger box.
  • If you trade puzzles locally, the cost is nothing but your time.
  • If you shop at thrift stores, you can also find a lot of great deals.
  • We don't have any information on the costs in other countries at this time.
  • The point is, trading in person or through the mail normally saves you money over buying puzzles new.
  • Besides, this site is totally free. Use it to buy, sell, trade your puzzles or just keep your inventory.

Find a puzzle

  1. Follow these steps or view instructions with images.
  2. Start at the home page or search page to locate a puzzle.
  3. Puzzles that are for sale or trade by members are marked and sorted to the top of the list.
  4. Pick one of the puzzles the list that comes up.
  5. Below the puzzle description, you can click on the offers from the members.
  6. If no members have the puzzle you are looking for, or you want a new copy rather than a used one, you can buy it using our Amazon link in most cases.
  7. When you are done with the puzzle, list it here on the site.
Adding puzzles to your collection
  1. Use the barcode on the side of the puzzle box to Add A Puzzle
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to put the puzzle in your collection.
  3. Once a puzzle is in your collection, you can mark it for trade or sale if you want.
  4. You don't have to list puzzles for the public to see.
  5. You can use this site to keep track the puzzles you have or had.
  6. If you loan puzzles to your friends, you can track who you loaned them to.

Trade or sell a puzzle from your collection

  1. Once a puzzle is in your collection, and you have marked it for trade or sale, other members of the site will contact you about your offer.
  2. Make your own arrangements for the sale or trade using our messaging system.
    • A sale is where the buyer pays for the puzzle and/or shipping.
    • A trade is where each person pays for shipping the puzzle to the other and no money changes hands.
  3. When you no longer own the puzzle, switch it from one you HAVE to one you HAD so you can keep track of the puzzles you have previously owned. When you do a trade or sale through this site, this switch happen automatically. You only need to do it manually if you dispose of the puzzle outside of this website.

Want to share your private collection?

  • There is a special link on your account page to let you share your collection.
  • The link is just above your puzzles.
  • When you click this link, you will see a popup asking you how you want to share.
  • You can share your puzzles in three ways...
    • Puzzles visible to the public only.
    • Your all the puzzles you HAVE including ones not listed for sale or trade.
    • Your entire puzzle collection including ones you HAVE or HAD.

How to read the puzzle list pages.

The puzzle list page shows pictures, descriptions and a lot of other information about each puzzle. These lists show up on the home page, search page and on profile pages. They are all very similar. Below you can see a sample image and the description of each part of the puzzle listing.

  1. This puzzle is available for trade.
  2. The preview image of the puzzle.
  3. This marker shows the puzzle is 3D. (physically or visually)
  4. The name of the puzzle.
  5. This puzzle is on your wish list.
  6. The number of pieces for this puzzle.
  7. How close the owner of this puzzle is to you.
  8. This puzzle is one you have or had in the past when green icon is showing. If yellow icon is showing, then you have or had this puzzle but in a different piece count.
  9. This puzzle has 1 missing piece.
  10. This puzzle is wanted by others.
  11. This puzzle is available to buy.

Yes there is a lot of information packed into that small preview block. Not all of those items will be shown on all puzzles of course.

When you are looking at your profile or the profile of another member, you may see one additional tag to let you know that the puzzle is part of a pending transaction. You can use this marker to decide keep track of which puzzles you have in transactions or to decide if you want to ask the other member to buy/trade the specific puzzle. Some times it could be worth asking if you have something the other person really wants. They could decide to deal with you over the other parties. But most of the time it lets you know that the puzzle is in play and you may not want to bother asking for it. 

The top menu bar.

  1. Home - Takes you to the main website page where the newest puzzles are shown
  2. Search - Allows you to look for specific puzzles with many filtering options.
  3. Share - Makes it easy to share the current page.
  4. Chat - Access the group or private chat areas.
  5. Messages - Access trade/sale messages. All transaction messages are fully tracked.
  6. Menu - Access the full menu where there are many options.


  • We support UPC and EAN barcodes. These are 8, 12 and 13 digits long. 
  • Some older puzzles have custom barcodes that don't fit the UPC/EAN format and we support those too.
  • Some puzzle companies recycle barcodes. So if you search by barcode number and the puzzle in your hand doesn't match what we have, you will need to add your puzzle by hand.
  • On the search page you can try to scan barcodes by using your webcam or mobile device camera. This is basically a way to upload an image of the barcode to us and we will figure out what the numbers are.
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