We are updating underlying security settings

We are in the process of updating some of our underlying security settings.

Although these changes shouldn't impact the website, there is always the chance that something gets broken or starts working differently when underlying server settings get changed.

These changes will roll out over the next couple weeks as we observe all of our services at each stage.

If you notice anything that stops working, or seems to act in an unexpected way please let us contact us right away so we can address the issue.

Thanks for your help!


Update: 12/31 @ 4pm, we have noticed a few odd things. For some reason some message threads are doubling the messages. Quick messages are showing the wrong buttons after a message has been sent. We are looking into these two issues. If you find more, please let us know. These two issues are only cosmetic because messages are still working correctly. 


Update 01/01 @ 6am, the issue with messages doubling in the message thread area has been fixed. It was simply caused by the message list being loaded onto the screen twice so no informatoin was being doubled, only displayed twice. Still need to figure out why Quick Message is not showing the correct buttons after sending. Funny how seeming unrelated changes can impact things.


update 01/01 @ 7am, the issue with the Quick Message buttons has been fixed! 


update 01/03 @ 10am, there has been some issues with the switches not working (these are controls that flip between two states like Yes/No when yo uclick them). These have been replaced with pretty check boxes with a colored button next to them. With the new code, we can change the look of these controls at any time without impacting the functionality. All the functions attached to these switches are now working. WHEW! That was weird...


update 01/08 @ 2pm, OOPS! I broke the "Actions" popup in the message area but didn't notice it until today. It is fixed now.

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