The home screen has changed

The site is getting more popular so we had to speed up the home screen.

You will still see the newest puzzles on the home screen, but you cannot filter based on your normal search preferences any longer. Sorry.

You see, the site is becoming more popular and I was seeing a lag on the home screen that in the future could cause problems. It wasn't a problem yet, but why wait until the last minute to fix something that will be a problem eventually. Adding the filtering causes the server to do a lot of work. And very few people were scrolling beyond a few dozen puzzles on the home screen. Most people would find interesting things on the home screen and then do advanced searching (or added searching) on the normal search screen.

The normal search screen has the same demands that the home screen had when filtering was in place, but since almost nobody scrolled very deep, why waste that processing power on a page that almost every user sees right as the page loads. A large number of people click off the home page going to their messages, chat, profile page or even the search page before all of the puzzles would load anyway. This told me that the advanced filtering on the home screen was mostly a waste.

Now to those few people that made use of this feature, I am sorry. But to keep the site running well it is important to trim things that are only lightly used when they require a large amount of resources.

If you are one of the people that really liked the filtering on the home screen and would like to see it back, please contact me and I will see what I can do.

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