Shipping Insurance & Tracking

Use a shipper with tracking and insurance in case something goes wrong.

UPS, USPS and FedEx all offer tracking and a small amount of insurance included with the base price of shipping. Make sure you get a tracking number and enter it in the transaction when you mark the puzzle as shipped.

If for any reason the puzzle goes missing or gets damaged, the person that shipped the puzzle and the person that received the puzzle should work together to get the insurance on the package to make things right for the person that received the puzzle (or didn't receive the puzzle they were due).

At a minimum, shippers should refund the cost of shipping and that refund should go to the person that is out the puzzle.

If you receive a damaged package, take pictures before you open it. Then as you open it take more pictures. They may be needed by the shipping company.

Do your best to pack things correctly. But when things go bad in shipping, do your best to make things right.

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