We are still having issues with auto-login

Some users are still reporting issues with the auto-login process. We are working hard to isolate the issue.

This is when you login and instruct the site to remember you (or stay logged in) and then you return hours or days later and the system has forgotten you and makes you log in again.

We store a cookie in your browser that is intended to stay for several weeks. And when you visit that cookie is used to lookup your account information so you don't have to log in again. But some browsers (mostly iPhone) are dropping that cookie long before it is set to expire. And of course, if that cookie is dropped we can't look up your account information. And there is no way for us to detect that it has been dropped verses it never existing in the first place.

If this is currently happening to you and you would like to assist us in tracking this down, please take a moment to send us some debug information.

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