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Subject - Rocket Fuel: 1,000 pieces from Karmin International

barcode: 0773392023598
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02/16/2024 09:04pm   by   Barbiezblest  
This puzzle was interesting. It got a slow start, but once we were able to put together different sections of it, and placed them where they were to go in the puzzle, it flowed fairly easily. The painting with all the different colors made it a little difficult and many pieces were busier than expected. The pieces fit very well and it was easy to tell whether they were the "right" fit and were easy to work with.

It seriously could use a poster included, though, because the box has a wave banner covering both the top edge and bottom edge of the picture (and the Pepsi-Cola emblem covering the top left corner), which makes it so you can't see the full picture. And the picture on the side of the box is extremely small and rather useless when looking for detail. Nevertheless We got 'er done!

The puzzle has a very glossy finish and the corners of some pieces are coming up just a bit. That's why I rated the quality down a notch.

All in all, it was fun to do and makes a nice picture when finished.
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