We try to protect you from scammers

We can't stop people from scamming, but we can make it harder on them.

This website is a place for people to post puzzles for sale or trade. We connect people together, but we don't handle the puzzles that are sold or traded. So how can we make life hard for scammers?

Well for one thing, we make sure that all communication on this site between two people is recorded for your reference. You can always look back on a conversation to make sure your transaction ended the way you expected it.

You can rate your experience in a trade. If someone has made an honest mistake and made some reasonable effort to correct it, you should give them a decent rating. But if someone has acted badly, you should rate the transaction accordingly. Others will see the ratings and know to stay away from someone with a bad rating.

Someone could create multiple accounts and get away with a scam once or twice but the effort needed to do it over and over is pretty high.

We make it easy to use shipping tracking. Everyone should be paying for shipping that includes tracking and insurance. If a puzzle does get lost or damaged, the parties involved should get their money back. It may take some time but all shippers do pay when packages get damaged or go missing. The shipper gets reimbursed and they should then send a refund to the person receiving the puzzle.

If someone is known to be a scammer, you can report them and their account can be locked until the situation is cleared up.

None of these methods are perfect, but the steps we have in place will make it less likely for people to get scammed. And really, that is about the best anyone can do.

If you ever feel someone is scamming on this website, please contact us right away. We are here to help.

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