Adding to your collection

Adding puzzles to your collection is pretty easy once you do it once or twice. But it can feel a little odd at first. This confusion could be caused by the fact we try not to duplicate puzzles and yet we don't have every puzzle ever made either. We add them to the website as needed.

We do try to search for them automatically so you won't have to key in any information, but that doesn always work out. And in some cases, a puzzle company will recycle the barcode for many different puzzles. So searching by the barcode will show puzzles that don't match what you have in your hand.

To get started, click on the menu icon in the top/right corner of any screen. 

Next, click the "Add Puzzle" button.

You will get a pop-up box that lets you search. It is best to use the barcode to search to get the best chance at finding a match. On a mobile device you can use your camera to snap a picture of the barcode by using the SCAN button.

If we cannot locate the puzzle, you will see a box with three options. You can add the puzzle manually, you can contact us and we will enter the puzzle information if you give us the barcode and at least the puzzle name or description. Or you can just close the dialog and not add this puzzle to your collection.

If we can find the puzzle, just click on the small image to get to the detail screen. If you add the puzzle manualy, you will be sent directly to the detail screen. At this stage, the only thing left to do is decide how you want to add it to your collection. You have three options. 1, you have the puzzle now. 2, you had the puzzle in the past. 3, you want the puzzle in the future. Just pick the desired option from the dropdown list under the puzzle piture. There is a fourth option "Not Specified" but that means the puzzle is not in your collection in any way.

You will want to have all your puzzles that you want to trade or sell in your collection so others can find them and request them.

There is of course no requirement to put your puzzles in your collection. You can still trade with people but it makes the process a little harder and is quite tricky if you ever need to refer back to the trade transaction messages.

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