Some buttons haven't been working for some users

If you see problems on the website, please contact us so we can get them fixed right away.

UPDATE 1/20/21:

OMG! This was very hard to track down and without the assistance from ButerflyBear and earlier help from Deedub, I don't think I could have found this strange glitch. It only seems to have impacted a very small number of browser / operating system combinations so I needed them to try the button over and over as I added debug code here and there. Finally  the issue was narrowed down to a strange glitch. So glad it is fixed now!

ORIGINAL 1/16/21:

Because this site is mostly a hobby site, I do miss things once in a while. I always test as many pages as I can after any change and I use several browsers including Chrome, Edge, Firefox on desktop and Chrome and the default web browser on Android. I only have an iPhone 5 so that is the only Apple device I can test with. 

Sadly, most of the issues I have run into are iPhone users because there are some unique issues that newer iPhones have that my version doesn't have.

No matter what web browser or device you use, if you see buttons that don't work when you try to click them or any other issues, please take a moment to report them. And if you happen to have time to help debug issues, I would really love the assistance.

Thanks and I'll keep trying to make improvements.
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